Dragon Age: Descent

"Man of Honour!!!!"

Bess Nods and Francis sit at one table whilst Ezri, Alissa and Admiral sit at the other table subtly trying to see what is happening between Bess and Francis but neither of them notices anything. After a while they give up the spying lark and discuss what had happened earlier with the mysterious exploding island. Alissa enquires whether Zane and Zach were around when Ezri had tried to detected magic and found it was somewhere on the boat. Ezri wasn’t sure but thought they could have been. As the discuss this further, Alissa getting more suspicious of Z2 and more determined to break into the locked area near their cabins.
Valeros enters the dining room and looks around, he nods as Bess Nods who doesn’t seem to notice before going to sit with Lucien who was playing patience, determined to put everything behind him and prove he is a man of honour! After a bit of awkward general chit chat and the PDA of Bess Nods and Francis, Lucien asks what happened between Valeros and Bess Nods and what rate he would give her out of 10.
“No, no, I can’t. I am a man of honour; I can’t do that, no.”
“Doesn’t sleeping with another man’s wife not destroy that honour?” questioned Lucien
“Look man, they were on a break. When I slept with her they were all but over. Everything’s gone wrong! This voyage has been nothing but one big misunderstanding!”
“What do you mean? You weren’t supposed to be on this boat?”
“No. I was supposed to be on an earlier one. It’s…..er…it’s a long story”
“Please, enlighten me. We have time; prove you are a ‘man of honour’”
Missing the sarcasm, Valeros launched into the story. “Well I was staying in the Hanged Man. I had to stay an extra day. The bar staff had some trouble and they asked me to sort it out. Man of honour, see. They repaid me by putting on this ship as I missed the other one.”
“What needed doing?”
“What needed doing is classified” Said Valeros mysteriously.
“Are you a mercenary?”
“I have done things…….”
Lucien waited for Valeros to continue but when he didn’t Lucien asked “Ever assassinated anyone” Lucien leaded forward in his seat, showing more interest in the conversation now.
“An assassin doesn’t reveal that”
“Yeah, yeah, ‘man of honour’. Well have you ever done anything interesting you can tell me about?”
“Maybe after a few drinks!”
“Ok then and then will you rate Bess Nods out of 10?”
Lucien and Valeros started playing poker together for pride and honour!!!!!
Alissa points out to Ezri that Lucien and Valeros were getting on. Ezri looked confused by this but before Valeros and Lucien invited them over to join in the card game. The four of them played card games until diner.
Captain Merek andSimon the Sailor entered the dining room and came to join the table the four were sat at.
“I say Captain, nice hat” commented Valeros as soon as they sat down
“Thank you” Replied the Captain slightly confused. “Feeling better?”
“Yes, much better thank you”
“Good. Ok then, well we will be arriving the day after tomorrow at Highever where we will be unloading some cargo. This will take a few hours and you will be able to go ashore for this time and explore Highever.”
After this speech, they started to eat and Ezri asked Simon how he was feeling and, more importantly, how his beard was.
He replied, “Yeah, I’m feeling much better. My hangover is gone, finally, and I think my beard is starting to grow a little bit.” He ran his hand protectively over his beard.
“Well I’m a cleric so have some healing ability so let me know if you need some. I’m mean I healed Alissa and she’d looking great. Go on Alissa, twirl for us!"
“Yeah go on Alissa twirl!” Chipped in Simon and soon the rest of them joined in with a chant of ‘twirl’ unti, embarrassed, Alissa stood up and twirled before sitting down quickly before they asked her to do it again.
When she sat down, she noticed Simon grinning madly/manly at her, she smiled back, turning bright red. After a minute or so, Simon asks Ezri how she is feeling after being thrown overboard which starts a conversation about wet beards and just how generally awesome beards are.
“You know, I am determined to learn to swim now. I mean I’ve been overboard twice now and I think I really should learn. Maybe I’ll find a pond when we dock!”
To which Valeros quickly.piped up and said “I can teach you. Well actually maybe you don’t want to……I….I mean….forget it.”
This starts everyone laughing and Ezri and Valerie start to joke about him teaching her to swim.
After a while Valeros asks “shall I invite Bess Nods over….. and Francis”
Ezri looks skeptical but says “if you think it is a good idea!”
Deciding he doesn’t want to witness this horrendous idea, Simon takes his leave and says he must get back to work.
“Oh hang on Simon, before you go I need to give you your whiskey back”
Simon offers to go down to the cabins to fetch the whiskey and the two of them disappearing below deck……..
After they leave Ezri catches Francis’ eye and invites him over to join them. After he glares as Valeros for a bit he comes over to join them, much to the surprise of Bess Nods who sits alone for a few seconds before hurrying to catch Francis up.
When they get to the table, Francis sits next to Valeros. After a few awkward minutes, Valeros (man of honour) asks "so……..how’s your day been?
“Great, me and Bess Nods are back together. You know love conquers everything and anyone!”
“Good, yeah, marriage values,important!!!!”
“Well you know tensions grew on ship”
Valeros nods, “cabin fever.”
They then start talking about the meal.
“So Bess Nods” said Ezri, nudging her when she doesn’t respond “Hi!”
“Oh hi, sorry hardly noticed you. I’m back with Francis again. You know he’s good in the sack! I really love him”
“Ok. I did not need to know that!”
" Oh isn’t he handsome!" Bess babbled, taking no notice of anyone else and just sitting there stroking Francis’ arm.
Valeros coughs. “Ladies, would you like to accompany me to get some wine” he looks pointedly at Ezri. The two of them go to get wine for them and Francis and Bess Nods. Lucien doesn’t want any.
“What’s wrong with Bess Nods?”
“She’s in love”
“No, that is not her. There is something wrong with her. Cast your magic and see”
“I think they just made up but ok.”
Ezri detects magical residue on Francis that is connected to B.N.
When she finishes, Valeros says “am I right or what”
“This ship, Francis magic.”
“did he have something to do with island, do you think?”
Ezri shrugs. They come up with a plan to split the two of them up and question them before heading back to the table, where Lucien and Francis are chatting and Bess is just watching Francis.
“Bess, would you like to come up on deck with me? I’m scare to go on my own, I mean I have been overboard twice already and I at least need someone with me to rise the alarm if I end up overboard again!”
“Er….Ok and I guess Francis will come too”
“No, we’ll play some cards whilst you’re gone” chipped in Valeros
Before she will even stand up to go on deck, Bess gets Francis permission to go before telling him she won’t be long.
As they walk Bess keeps glancing over her shoulder at Francis.as they talk Ezri detects magic on Bess.every chance she gets, she brings up Francis.
He’s allergic to cats, he is so kind to forgive for the fling, he’s 1/1000000000.
After a few mins Ezri asks “what does he do? Is it something to do with magic?”
“No, he is not a member of the circle. Invests in things. Got a lot of parents from parents. We throw a lot of dinner parties, I’ve always loved that”
“Are you involved in his business?”
“No I’m not involved in the business, I just hang out with my friend. It’s always good when he works at home as we have lots of dinner parties then but he works away from Kirkwall quite a bit”
“So no hard feelings Francis?”
“Upset Bess came back to me?”
“I – I am honourable sir”
“What code of honour do you follow?!?”
“Hey look, Bess assured me you two were over and she was very upset.”
“Are you calling my wife a whore?”
At this point Lucien quietly disappears from the dining room and heads below deck.
“Look man mistakes occasionally happen!”
“A mistake which nearly cost me my marriage. How did you persuade her to sleep with you?!”
“Persuasion!!! Friend she wanted me!”
“It’s this how you treat your friends?”
With this Francis stands up and swings at Valeros and hits him in the face, knocking him off his stool.
“Ok, I will allow you that one” as Valeros finishes saying this, Francis swings as Valeros again, hard. At this point Francis eyes turn black and Valeros shots for help as Francis hits him again. Valeros tries to restrain Francis and just about manages to as Ezri runs in after hearing the cry for help. Francis gets angrier and struggles to break free.
“Francis, my poor Francis, what have you done?” Cried Bess Nods.
“Look at his eyes, look at his eyes. Help me.” Shouts Valeros struggling to keep Francis restrained.
Ezri keeps a cool head “Bess go find Simon or the Captain”
“Ok, take care of Francis” she says as she runs out on deck. Ezri runs over and tries to help restrain Francis but even with two of them the barely manage to keep Francis under control.
“I swear he just went mental!”
""We’ll talk about it later" Ezri says whilst trying to reason with Francis.
“Francis calm down” but by now Francis is foaming at the mouth.
“Valeros you’re gonna have to trust me I have a plan but I need to let go to carry it out.”
Valeros tries to hold Francis whilst Ezri casts a spell and then tells Valeros what she’d done before telling him not to attack Francis.
“I haven’t!”
“I’m good at magic!” States Ezri as Bess comes back into the room with Z2.
“What’s going on?” Asked Zach
“Not sure but he’s dangerous, look at his eyes!” Says Ezri.
Z2 take one look at Francis’ eyes before running over and restraining him and taking him below deck. Bess Nods runs after them.
""Bess don’t go, you can see what he’s really like now!" Shouts Valeros, shaking his head when Bess still follows them below deck. “Ezri help, look at my face!”
Ezri fully heals Valeros before he said “you are amazing Ezri. But we have a problem!”
“The eyes!”
“Hoping you’d know more about what the heck is going on with him”
“I hope he threw the first punch.”
“Man of honour me, I didn’t hit him once. I may have put my for in my mouth and something is definitely a foot but it is not in my mouth!”

Meanwhile below deck, oblivious to the drama going on in the dining room, Simon followed Alissa into her cabin and coded the door behind him. She hands the whiskey back to him.
“Thanks, I’m surprised there’s still some left.if it had been me I would have drunk it by now!” He smiled at her.
“Well I only took it cos I thought you’d probably had enough to drink”
He laughed “yeah I think you were right, my head was killing me when I woke up!”
“Well it was the least i could do considering you saved my life!” She smiled a him.
“When we get to Highever, can I take you for a drink?”
“Sure, I’d like that” she replied with a smile.
At this Simon started beaming before leaning in to kiss Alissa…….


“…which starts a conversation about wet beards and just how generally awesome beards are.”
This basically sums up the entire campaign, doesn’t it? And they say D&D isn’t for girls…

"Man of Honour!!!!"

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