Dragon Age: Descent

"Tell me about the knobs"

In which we become acquainted with doors.

We return to our band of weary travellers adrift in the open sea, desperately paddling on their makeshift rafts. The sky is growing ever darker, and hope is fading as quickly as the light. Somehow, they manage to regroup with the sailors who do not look in much better shape. Suddenly, across the shadowy sea, land ahoy! Not only is land in reach, but a sizeable boat is heading towards them, cutting through the waves with ease. The boat has only one deck, and also strangely –for a wooden, sea faring vessel at least- a tower lit with fire. A Light. A beacon. Hope. Squinting against the sea spray, Alissa can just about make out figures on board, dressed in chantry robes. Simon, relieved upon the sight cries to the skies “THANK THE MAKER!”
In an attempt to attract attention to their small raft, Ezri casts a light spell on their cross bow in hopes that they could use it as a flare. However, this small action failed, desperately. A wave of cunning crashes across her mind and instead she attempts to light the raft instead. Success!
Suddenly, voices can be heard from the direction of the boat “They’re over there!”
“Ahoy!” calls Ezri.
“Are you okay?” The female voice grows nearer and clearer. A genuine concern is heard in the tone of her voice. This is somewhat comforting.
Soon the group are safely on board. Swaddled in blankets and shivering from not just the cold sea, but also from the shock of the events which had previously occurred, a feeling of safety soothes them. Looking across the deck, they see that the vessel is being rowed by six women, with another directing. Apparently, their wreck was foreseen by Mother Pia. It transpires that Andraste’s Gloves had indeed been logistically on track. They were just north of Highever, according to their new host and rescuer, Beatrix.
The women of the boat note that Ezri is also wearing chantry robes and it turns out that one of their own, Sister Alice, is also from Kirkwall! What a small world! Ezri remembers Alice as a bit of a ditsy Sister. A hussy, perhaps. She keeps these quiet thoughts to herself and wonders if her characteristics remain the same.
Eventually the boat arrives to shore. The group are lead a short way to a humble chantry, built of white brick. Upon entrance to the building, they are lead into a dining room which appears to be a place for feeding the poor and homeless. The group are lead to the sleeping quarters which consist of three big rooms which are modestly decorated, yet comfortable. For as weary as they all were, the bunk beds could have been four posters.
Meanwhile, as they gratefully settle into their rooms, outside in the corridor, Captain Merek shuffles along with the unconscious form of the redhead. Thinking that his actions have gone unnoticed, he slips round the corner, down a different corridor.
Back in the quarters, Malign is pleased to be reacquainted with an old pal from Cleric School! This really is a small world!
Ever cautious Alissa scans her room for traps. Of course, there are none. Ezri settles by the fire in their room and gives prayers of thanks. Once more, a calm descends upon the pair and they feel they can rest tonight. Clambering into bed, they embrace each other, their friendship sealed and bound by their shared experiences. It has been a long day.
Next door, Valeros andLucien form an alliance, no, something greater than that. A bond. After the hardships they’ve endured, it seemed petty to not get along. Besides, something is afoot here. Valeros informs Lucien of his suspicions of the Captain, having bore witness to his sneaky shufflings. They agree to investigate the corridor, to find out who this mystery redhead is, and why she has remained unconscious for so long. The plan is to wait until the fires have died down to glowing embers, then under the cover of darkness, they’ll be able to slink through the corridors undetected. Or so they hope. If there is any danger, the signal is to hoot like a barn owl. (Not a tawny).
After going a distance (round the corner), Lucien gets cold feet and insists that they wake the girls, in case they need back up. And besides, they’re all part of a group now. They are all in this together.
The girls grumpily join the pair, still half asleep.
They walk cautiously down the dark corridor, which is seemingly different to the rest of the building. The doors are hefty. The knobs, ornate. At the end of the corridor is an even bigger door. The group gather round and in whispers, form a brief plan. Slowly, they open the massive door. It opens out in to a massive chapel, with yet more ornate doors encompassing…



This is amazing. So much love.

"Tell me about the knobs"

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