Dragon Age: Descent

The One in which Valeros loses it.

Deep in the darkest depths of the night, Ezri & Alissa awake to the noise of creaking chains. All else is quiet onboard. In the darkness, Alissa spots Zane shiftily looking through the doorway which is usually kept locked. Hmm… Slowly and quietly, Alissa Nightingale sneaks up on the unsuspecting sailor. It is soon apparent that Zane is not alone. “Hurry up! We don’t have much time!” And with that, the sailors disappear. Alissa lurks in the darkness. She sees a room filled with barrels and crates. The intrigue is almost too much. What is hidden in here? She fumbles with a lock, but in the darkness and with the swaying of the boat, fails to pick it. Defeated, she heads back to her cabin.

Next morning, everyone heads to the dining hall for breakfast. A whole lot of meat is consumed, largely by Valeros, whose passion for bacon is matched only by his passion for honour. Above the chit chat and small talk, the passengers began to hear the sweet sounds of a ukulele, coming from up on deck. Enchanted, everyone makes their way up to find a small selection of sailors, lead by Zach the Sailor, strumming away on various instruments. The mood is light and jovial. Crew and passengers are dancing. Feeling confident, Valeros plucks up the courage to ask Ezri to dance. To his joy, she accepts! However, disaster strikes. Either he is taken by the moment and a little over zealous with movements, or he just has poor coordination and somehow he manages to twirl Ezri right over board. The music stops. The crowd are horrified. Immediately, Valeros takes off his shoes and dives overboard. Lucien follows and scoops up the floundering Ezri. Valeros is enraged. The sailors throw a ring overboard and the soggy trio are hoisted back onboard. Humiliated and frustrated, Valeros takes to his cabin (*Note: he does NOT flounce.)

Meanwhile, a rather damp and flustered Ezri Delmastro also returns to her room. Her diary entry that night reads thus:

“Definitely not sure about that Valeros. Note to self; warn ”/characters/bessnods" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bess Nods not to dance with him."

Poor Valeros. He decides to seek out his seemingly only ally on board, Malign. Unfortunately for Valeros, Malign, Cleric does not respond to the raps on his door. Dejected, he heads back to his room to each lunch in solitude.

Eventually, he decides to try and make amends with his fellow passengers. Heading up to the main hall, he initiates some awkward conversation. Soon, all is forgiven. Everyone heads up on deck for some fresh air. Valeros spots an island, out on the horizon. He points the island out to some of the others, who all look at him, rather bemused. It soon becomes apparent that Valeros is the only one who can see this island. He states that there is a mansion on the island, which is clearly visible to him. The others begin to worry for his sanity as he is begins to proclaim he can see fireworks, and they all see nothing but open water. Suspicious, Ezri decides to attempt to detect magic. Sure enough. Something is not all as it seems. Perhaps our Valeros is not so mentally unstable after all… Hmm… THE INTRIGUE.



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