King Alistair

Totally in love with Arielle...


Tall, fair and handsome. Known for his cheeky sense of humour, awkward nature and generally low intelligence, few people question who is the real power behind the throne (Answer: Queen Arielle of Ferelden).


Alistair is the secret son of King Maric and a serving girl, and was originally raised in Redcliffe Castle by Arl Eamon after his mother’s death. However, he was later given to the Chantry for training as a templar, a military order who are trained to kill “apostates” (mages outside of the Circle of Magi) and watch over the Circle of Magi.

Along came a high ranking Grey Warden called Duncan, who conscripted Alistair to their army. It was while working for them that he met Arielle – the woman who would later become the Hero and Queen of Ferelden, and his beloved wife.

They are married happily, and ALWAYS WILL BE.

King Alistair

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