Dragon Age: Descent

The Battle of the Sea Serpent

After the sailors pull them back on board, Ezri heads off to find her weapons. Alissa asks Simon for one of his weapons – he says he is better with a crossbow so she takes his sword and Valeros asks if there are any harpoons on board.
“They are in the captain’s deck wait here I’ll go get you one.” Says Simon
“You have a weapon, it makes more sense for me to go”
“Yes but you’re not meant to go to the captain’s deck”
“Oh just let him go we need help here.” Shouts Zane.
Simon nods once before running off to help fight the sea serpent whilst Valeros runs to the captain’s cabin tons search for the harpoon. After trying the cupboards and discovering they are locked, he finds a key on the desk next to a bottle of sleeping potion before walking a few steps back towards the cupboards. After thinking it through he decided to put the bottle back, at which point he finds a box of fancy chocolates and a bottle of cyanide next to them. After taking stock, Valeros pockets the two bottles along with the chocolates before getting back to searching for weapons. He finds some armour which he puts on, as well as a floaty life jacket. Deciding it’s not safe to carry the swords, he takes both harpoons and both crossbows and bolts. As he turns to leave Valeros notices a hatch in the floor of the cabin in the corner he thinks for a bit before deciding there was no time, and heading back on to deck.
Alissa looks at the sea serpent and realises it is only a baby one, fortunately, which means they may stand a chance against it!!!!!!! Ezri picks up her slingshot and Francis’ bracers before heading back to join them. The sailors manage to hit the sea serpent but this only angers it and it lashes out with its tail, hitting Simon. From the other side of the deck, Lucien starts to cast a spell but his hands are shaking too much with cold after his dip in the ocean and it blows up in his face causing his to be flung overboard once more.
When he reaches them, Valeros hands Alissa a crossbow whilst asking where Lucien is. When they look at where they last saw him they realise he has gone somewhere (below deck they assume) at which point Valeros hands the harpoons he brought to Z^2. They don’t have much time to wonder about Lucien as the serpents tail swings at them again, hitting a sailor and knocking him of his feet but allowing Simon and the other sailors to get a few shots in and cause some damage to the serpent.
Ezri sees Lucien fall overboard as she comes back with her weapons. She runs to the rail and throws him a life ring which Lucien manages to grab. Ezri ties the rope to the ship before attempting to pull Lucien back on to the ship. In the water Lucien casts feather fall on himself hoping it would be enough to help Ezri pull him back onto the boat but it is not enough and she doesn’t manage to pull him in. Just as Valeros hits the sea serpent with a bolt, the boat tips to the side Ezri and Lucien are on and Lucien takes his chance and levitate up into the air and lands back on deck with a dramatic flourish. Ezri stares at Lucien opened-mouthed for a minute, as she takes in the fact that he is in fact a mage, while at the other side of the deck, Alissa hits the sea serpent causing it to hiss and roar before lunging at a sailor and biting him in half. It swallows the first half but the legs get thrown in the air when the man is ripped apart and lands on Alissa. Gritting her teeth, Alissa manages to ignore the blood and guts slots dropping down from the legs and push them off before carrying on. Simon hits the serpent again and Lucien runs across the deck and cast ready of frost at the serpents face but to little effect.
As Valeros hits the sea serpent again, the bolt caught on the crossbow Alissa was using and before she could do anything, the bolt fired and hit Zach, cutting his arm but not causing too much harm.
“What the flip?!” Shouted Zach. Alissa shrugged and without thinking, her self-preservation kicked in and she nodded towards Valeros.
“What the flip, Valeros?” Zach shouted
“Look we don’t have time for this. Keep fighting.” Replied Valeros as Lucien used magic missiles on the sea serpent.
Just then the sea serpent started to wrap it’s tail around the ship. Ezri, Lucien and another sailor starts to fall over board. Z^2 pulls them all back onto to the boat while Simon hits the serpent with another crossbow bolt. The serpent constricted around the ship causing the ship to start to creak and Ezri to fall back overboard, dropping her sling as she fell. As she falls, Ezri sees the ring she threw to Lucien earlier but doesn’t manage to catch it. Valeros, Simon and the sailors all hit the sea serpent whilst Lucien burns it.
As the others continue to battle the sea serpent, Simon runs into the captain’s cabin and disappears from sight. As Ezri manages to grab hold of the ring the sea serpent recoils in pain, bringing its tail up and around near his head so it is no longer crushing the ship. Before they could breath a sigh of relief, the serpent brought it’s tail smashing down on the ship. The force knocked Lucien unconscious and caused Alissa and Valeros a significant amount of damage and snapped the bolt loaded on Alissa’s crossbow. Somehow despite getting hit, Zach escape with only a few minor scratches.
Ezri tries and failed to climb the rope back onto the boat. Alissa hits the serpent with a crossbow bolt. The serpent wrapped it’s tail back around the ship and slammed it down again, knocking Valeros and Alissa unconscious.
Just then, Malign, Cleric, appeared from the dining room, he looked left and right taking everything in before running to the left to try and pull Ezri back up into the ship. In typical Malign style, he falls into the sea. As she pulled him to the ring, she said “Hi Malign Cleric”
“Hi. Well that went well. I was supposed to be saving you. It’s cold, isn’t it. Let’s huddle for warmth”
The sea serpent constricted again, causing the ship to start to break in two and barrels start to roll into the water. After a brief discussion Malign and Ezri both cast stabilise, hitting Lucien and Alissa respectively and ensuring that, unless hit again, neither of them would bleed out. Valeros also stops bleeding for the moment. Just then, the captain ran out of the dining room with a red haired girl slung over his shoulders accompanied by another sailor and Simon who was ushering them, trying to get him to move quicker.
Ezri cast a second stabilise spell and manages to stabilise Valeros but as soon as she’d done so, the sea serpent constricted once more and with a final creak and a groan the ship ripped in half leaving Valeros alone on the side of the captain’s cabin. Malign made an attempt to climb the rope into the boat but only succeeded in splashing Ezri, who was not happy about that. Noticing that movement, Simon goes over and pulls Ezri and malign out of the water. The captain shouts “abandon ship” and Simon dashes back to the dining room shooting for Z^2 to follow him.
As the sea serpent moves away from the boat, Valeros, Alissa, Lucien and a sailor, still incongruous, slid into the water. There was a clicking, metal against wood sounds before Simon came back out from the dining room with the top of one of the dining tables and Z^2 carrying the other one.
“The boats are smashed but maybe these will float.” Said Simon.
Whilst the sea serpent is going crazy, threading around in the water. Simon threw the table into the water and jumps on top and then bails for some water before helping the Captain and the red headed girl onto the ‘boat’. The rest of the sailors pile onto the two treble tops. Malign, Cleric, held his hand out to Ezri. “Give me your hands, we’ll jump together”
Ezri shook her head, “no, I’m gonna try and save them lot” nodding at the unconscious group in the water. She ran over to where they were and Malign followed. When Ezri looked at her/him he shrugged and said “I’m sticking with you lot, you’re my friends and you have the added bonus of not holding me hostage!”
When they reach the group, they both cast healing spells. Malign helped Valeros and Ezri helped Alissa and they both woke up and managed to climbed onto some of the debris. Next they heal Lucien and the sailor and they all managed to get safely onto the debris. As the sea serpent thrashed about in pain, the debris swirled around it and one of the pieces stabbed the sea serpent causing quite a bit of damage.



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