Ezri Delmastro


Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Origin: Ferelden – Denerim

Height: 4ft, 11"
Weight/Build: Slender, very petite, slightly athletic (~45kg?)
Face: Light skinned, with faint freckles across nose and cheekbones.
Hair: Dark brown, reaches about half way down her back (when loose), in thick, corkscrew curls. Usually pony-tailed for practicality.
Eyes: Dark brown.

Clothing: Usually wears a priestess’ robe, although will switch to leather armour on the road sometimes (or a mix of the two). She has a small leather pouch hanging round her neck (on a bit of string). This is usually concealed beneath her clothing.

Distinguishing Features:
- Has a slight limp (favouring her left leg). Carries a stick (quarterstaff), and leans on it when she is tired/when the terrain is uneven etc.


Ezri Delmastro

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